How do I swap from an App to a card?

Pick up a new, blank card in-store (do not collect points on it) and log-in to the SUBCARD® website to transfer your account details across using the ‘Add or Replace Card’ feature. You will still be able to use your App once completed.

Can I get my points back if I have deleted the App from my phone or upgraded to a new phone?

Yes. Just download the app again and enter exactly the same email and password and your account details will be pulled across. Remember, if you historically transferred from a card to an app, you may not be able to go back and use your card as it has been cancelled – if you want to use a card again, follow the instructions above to add a new card to your account.

Why is my App not working?

Firstly make sure you have completed all the compulsory fields on the registration page. Also check you have the Official SUBCARD® app developed by Altaine Ltd. If it still doesn’t work please get in touch at [email protected].

Which phones are compatible for the App?

IPhone, Android (OS 2.1 and above), Phones that support Java MIDP 2.0 (this includes many ‘non-smart’ phones and Blackberry devices) and Nokia Symbian devices.