For all customers:
Where do I get a SUBCARD®?
You get your SUBCARD® free from any participating SUBWAY® stores, simply ask for one at the time of your purchase or you can download the App.
How do I register?

There are three easy ways to register:
  • Download the SUBCARD® app
  • Pick up a card in store and go to the online registration page
  • Pick up a registration form in store, fill out your details and post it back to us
  • You will need to supply all required details and click a link in an activation email to complete your registration

What are the benefits of registering my SUBCARD®?

  • A registered account will earn double the amount of points compared to an unregistered account, that’s 10 points for every €1.50 spent in ROI and 10 points for every £1 spent in the UK.
  • You can only redeem your points if your card is registered.
  • You will receive exclusive promotional offers.
  • If your SUBCARD® is lost or stolen as long as you have registered your card you can log on to the SUBCARD® website and freeze your account. Once you have done this you will need to collect a new blank card log on to your account and when prompted enter the new card details. This will transfer all of your points and details to your new card and enable you to redeem.
What are SUBCARD® loyalty points and how do I earn them?

If you are making a purchase in a store in the Republic of Ireland you will receive 10 points for every €1.50 you spend on your SUBCARD®. For every transaction in the UK or Northern Ireland you will receive 10 points for every £1 spent. In order to receive these loyalty allocations just hand over your SUBCARD® or scan your App before the Sandwich Artist™ completes your transaction.
What can I redeem my SUBCARD® loyalty points for?

100 points can be redeemed for a hot drink, 200 points can be redeemed for a snack. 500 points can be redeemed for a regular 6'' Sub, flatbread or salad and with 1000 points you can redeem for a regular 12'' Sub or flatbread.
I have registered my card - what happens now?

Great! As a special welcome to SUBCARD® you will be able to earn double points on all purchases during your 28 day welcome period.
For customers in England, Scotland and Republic of Ireland
From 4th March 2015 we are changing the way you earn bonus points

We have improved the SUBCARD® loyalty scheme in participating SUBWAY® stores in England, Scotland and Republic of Ireland. As part of the improvements, we are now giving you the opportunity to earn double points (20 points for every £1 you spend in England and Scotland or 20 points for every €1.50 you spend in Republic of Ireland) every time you swipe your SUBCARD®. All you need to do is come in and make a purchase. Then come in again within 7 days and make another purchase to earn double points on your second purchase. If you keep coming in at least every 7 days you will continue to earn double points.

For all customers

Why have I / haven't I received double points on my purchases?

Customers need to be registered to be entitled to double points, and you need to make a qualifying purchase and come back within 7 days to receive double points on the second purchase. If customers continue to make at least 1 purchase within 7 days of their last purchase, double points can be earned.
Why am I only receiving 5 points per £1/ €1.50 spent?

To receive double points you need to register your card. Once your card is registered you will earn 10 points for every £1 spent (UK) or 10 points for every €1.50 spent (ROI) and if you swipe your card at least once every 7 days you can earn Double Points (20 points for every £1 / €1.50 you spend.) To complete your registration you need to click on a link in the activation email that we send you. You can request another email here
What happens if I forget to swipe my card?

Your SUBCARD® needs to be scanned at the time of purchase. If you forget to bring your SUBCARD® then you may request a SUBCARD® claim receipt instead to claim your points online at a later time. Please allow 48 hours after the transaction has been made before submitting your claim online. If an order has been completed and finalised without a SUBCARD® being scanned or a claim receipt being printed then, regrettably, the points cannot be retrospectively awarded.
What happens if I go away or don't visit a store for 7 days, will I lose my double points earning status for good?

Of course not, you just have to re-qualify for double points. Make a qualifying purchase and come back within 7 days to receive double points on the second purchase. To continue earning double points you simply have to make a purchase within 7 days of your last purchase.
I registered my SUBCARD® the other day, will I get double points backdated for the purchases I have made?

Unfortunately not. Double points can only be earned once you have registered your SUBCARD®
I'm trying to log in but my Email address and Password is not working.

If you have registered your card please note that you will need use your email address and your chosen password to log in with in the future. If you have forgotten your password simply click the lost password link.
How do I know what my loyalty balance is?

Your loyalty balance will be printed on your receipt each time you make a purchase at SUBWAY® stores. You can also go online at or to check your balance, or you can check on your app by selecting the ‘Account Balance’ option.
Points Limit?

You can collect a maximum of 5000 points at any time. The reason that we have these measures in place is to protect our customers from any fraudulent activity if the cards are lost or stolen, and of course ensure the points already collected are preserved. Any points in excess of the imposed limit may be lost. We recommend you spend your points regularly in order to continue collecting.
My SUBCARD® is showing as suspended or on hold

  • The reason that we have these measures in place is to protect our customers from any fraudulent activity if the cards are lost or stolen, and of course ensure the points already collected are preserved. Please email for assistance.
Does my SUBCARD® expire?

You must use your SUBCARD® once per year, otherwise your loyalty points will be cancelled. Your card will continue to work and you can continue to collect new points.
Can we get our cards linked for all of our family members so that we are accumulating one loyalty balance?

Not at this time.
Can we merge cards?

Unfortunately, due to security reasons, we are not able to merge the points from various cards on to one.
I didn't have my card at time of purchase or there was a problem with my card, can I still get my loyalty points?

If you have a valid SUBCARD® Claim receipt and are a registered SUBCARD® holder then yes, you can still get your SUBCARD® points by logging in here. If you are not registered you can register here. Please note you should wait 48 hours after the transaction was made to claim. It may take up to 24 hours after submitting a valid claim before your points are allocated to your account. Only one claim can be made per day, and you can visit the 'Points History' or 'Account Summary' section of the website when you login here to check your updated SUBCARD® balance.
Can I have a card and an App?

Yes. You can link a card and an App to the same account.
How do I swap from a card to an App?

Download the App from or your phone's app store and your points will automatically transfer to your app when you log in. You will still be able to use your card once registered in the App.
How do I swap from an App to a card?

Pick up a new, blank card in-store (do not collect points on it) and log-in to the SUBCARD® website to transfer your account details across using the 'Add or Replace Card' feature. You will still be able to use your App once completed.
Can I get my points back if I have deleted the App from my phone or upgraded to a new phone?

Yes. Just download the app again and enter exactly the same email and password and your account details will be pulled across. Remember, if you historically transferred from a card to an app, you may not be able to go back and use your card as it has been cancelled - if you want to use a card again, follow the instructions above to add a new card to your account.
Why is my App not working?

Firstly make sure you have completed all the compulsory fields on the registration page. Also check you have the Official SUBCARD® app developed by Altaine Ltd. If it still doesn't work please get in touch at
Which phones are compatible for the App?

IPhone, Android (OS 2.1 and above), Phones that support Java MIDP 2.0 (this includes many 'non-smart' phones and Blackberry devices) and Nokia Symbian devices.
I don't have iTunes, how do I get the App on my Iphone?

You must have a UK & Ireland iTunes account in order to obtain and use any Apple iPhone App, this includes SUBCARD®.

What is SUBSQUAD™?

SUBSQUAD™ is an addition to the existing SUBCARD® loyalty scheme which offers bonus rewards to groups of friends when they each purchase items from a SUBWAY® store within a 4 hour timeframe.

The App based scheme allows 2-9 customers to form a SUBSQUAD™. When a member of a ‘SQUAD’ makes a purchase in a SUBWAY® store, an App notification will be sent to all other members notifying them that another member of their SQUAD has just visited a SUBWAY® store. Each member will then be given 4 hours to make a purchase in a SUBWAY® store and scan their SUBCARD® to earn 50 bonus SUBCARD® points – that’s on top of the points that would have been earnt anyway. Only SQUAD members that make a purchase within the 4 hour window, as well as the original purchaser will qualify for bonus points.
How do I join SUBSQUAD™?

SUBSQUAD™ is a new function within the existing SUBCARD® App. Simply update or download the latest version of the SUBCARD® App and select ‘SUBSQUAD™’ from the drop down menu, then follow the on screen instructions. You’ll have the choice to set up your own SQUAD, or if you have already received a code from one of your friends, you can join an existing SQUAD.
Can I be a member of more than one SUBSQUAD™?

You can only be a member of one ‘SQUAD’ at any time.
What is the minimum / maximum SUBSQUAD™ group size?

Minimum SQUAD membership is 2, maximum is 9.
What is a SUBSQUAD™ reward window?

This is the 4 hour window that is opened when a member of your SQUAD makes a purchase and scans their SUBCARD®. All other SQUAD members then have 4 hours in which to make a purchase and scan their SUBCARD®, in order to qualify for the bonus 50 SUBCARD® points.
How much do I have to spend in order to trigger a 4 hour SUBSQUAD™ reward window or earn bonus points?

A minimum spend of £0.01 or €0.01 is required.
How do I know when a SUBSQUAD™ reward window is open?

All SQUAD members will receive an App notification when a member of your SUBSQUAD™ makes a purchase at a SUBWAY® store and scans their SUBCARD®. Please ensure that you have push App notifications switched on within your phone’s Settings menu and that you have chosen to receive mobile notifications within the ‘My Details’ section of the SUBCARD® App

You can also check on the SUBSQUAD™ page within the SUBCARD® App – if a reward window is open the screen will display the date and time at which it ends.
How long do I have to make a purchase after a SUBSQUAD™ reward window has been opened by another SQUAD member?

You will have 4 hours from when the SUBSQUAD™ window was opened – you can check the time that the window closes on the ‘My SUBSQUAD™’ page in your SUBCARD® App
How many points will I earn if I make a purchase during a SUBSQUAD™ reward window?

There are 50 bonus points for every SQUAD member that makes a purchase at a TUKI SUBWAY® store within 4 hours of receiving a reward window notification. These bonus points are in addition to any other SUBCARD® points earnt on their purchase. The SQUAD member who made the purchase which opened the reward window will only receive bonus points if at least one other SQUAD member makes a purchase within 4 hours.
How many times can I earn SUBSQUAD™ points?

A maximum of six reward windows can be triggered in any 24 hour period. There can only be one window open at any one time.
How do I leave a SUBSQUAD™?

You can leave a group at any time by clicking ‘Leave Group’ within the SUBSQUAD™ screen.
I have a plastic SUBCARD® can I still join SUBSQUAD™?

No, SUBSQUAD™ is only available to customers using the SUBCARD® App which can be downloaded via or your phone’s App store.
How will my SUBSQUAD™ points be added?

SUBSQUAD™ points will be added to your overall SUBCARD® points balance within 48 hours of a purchase being made. You can see how many points you have earnt through SUBSQUAD™ on the homepage within the App.
Can SUBSQUAD™ points be awarded when using an IOU receipt?

No, SUBSQUAD™ points cannot be awarded on IOU receipts, so don’t forget to scan your SUBCARD® App with each purchase.

My question hasn't been answered above...

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The SUBCARD® loyalty scheme is operated in participating SUBWAY® stores by Eat-Commerce Ltd located at 40 Oxford Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire HP11 2EE, United Kingdom.